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COVID Update – Prof Paul Van Buynder

Hear the latest information on COVID from an Australian expert.

As every practising GP in Australia will know, the COVID epidemic is far from over. And while we no longer have lockdowns, QR check-ins or mandatory testing, the virus still represents a significant burden on our community, and on primary care in particular. GPs still need to be up-to-date on the latest variants, the morbidity associated with these variants as well as new vaccines, treatments and therapies. Don't miss the opportunity to update your COVID knowledge and stay ahead of the curve.

2023 Influenza Season Preparation - Prof Robert Booy & Dr Sarah Chu

While lockdowns and mandatory isolation have become a distant memory, how can we best protect our at-risk patients from this winter's double-whammy - influenza and covid?

As we face our second year post-covid, we need to know what is predicted for this year's flu season, as well as what is happening in terms of the ongoing covid pandemic. In this presentation, infectious diseases expert, Professor Robert Booy, and GP, Dr Sarah Chu will provide an update on what we can expect in the winter of 2023 - what we have learned from the northern hemisphere experience, who is most at-risk and, most importantly what the available options are to help prevent these infections, and how do we choose between them.

Dairy Intolerance – Fact and Fiction – Joanna Baker

How to assess and manage the patient who gets symptoms when they consume dairy.

Lactose intolerance, lactose maldigestion, cows milk allergy and dairy intolerance - it all becomes a bit of a challenge doesn't it? But with statistics showing lactose intolerance being the most common food intolerance in Australia today, clinicians need to know how to assess, investigate and manage these conditions.

In this presentation, dietitian Joanne Baker will provide a logical and practical framework for working through the diagnosing and managing of patients with dairy-related GI symptoms, including really helpful tips on what an appropriate and effective reduced -lactose diet might look like.

VLEDs and Anti-Obesity Medications – How They Can Work Together for Better Outcomes – Dr Georgia Rigas

GPs play an essential role in obesity prevention and management, so how can they assist their patients with weight loss?

Dr Georgia Rigas discusses considerations and interventions for weight management, with a focus on the use of very low energy diets (VLEDs), and their combined usage with anti-obesity medications.

Dr Rigas will also talk about broaching the subject of weight with patients, as well as the physiological response to weight loss by the body.

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7:00pm - 9:00pm,
Tuesday 18 April 2023



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