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Home Care Apps, Portals & Platforms: What is out there and where to start?

This webinar is to share with Home Care providers our research on the latest platforms, apps and portals used in Home Care.

The webinar will provide information on the top platforms in use and how they compare when it comes to functionality, features, and useability. Our goal is to save you time on the first step of the software selection journey: discovering what is out there! The webinar will also give attendees a checklist that can be used in the selection process and key considerations and traps to avoid in software selection.

It is designed and suitable for Aged Care providers operating Home Care programs who are commencing their journey of either implementing for the first time or replacing their IT systems to manage their Home Care programs.

In this webinar, Jennene will provide attendees:

  • Our research on the current Home Care software in the Australian marketplace.
  • High-Level feature comparison of the products.
  • Checklist of matters to consider in selecting a product for your Home Care services.
  • Considerations and traps to avoid in evaluating options.

Who will get the most out of this webinar?

This webinar is designed for providers who are in the market for new technology to support their Home Care operations.

For more information, contact Enkindle Consulting.


3:00pm - 4:30pm,
Wednesday 28 September 2022


Enkindle Consulting

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