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What's New In Cancer Research? PC4 Webinar

Often when we hear 'cancer research' we jump to ideas of a fancy new treatment or an expensive experimental drug. But the journey of diagnosis, treatment and recovery from cancer involves much more than that. And here at PC4 we are interested in the whole journey.

The research PC4 supports is all conducted in a primary care setting, so anything that happens outside of hospital treatment. Things like: does your GP regularly remind you to conduct bowel screening? Or, if the local doctor sent a text reminder about BreastScreen, would you be more likely to attend? Or if there was an app for sharing new lung cancer symptoms, would that help reduce lung cancer deaths?

So it's not a headline on SkyNews, but we're passionate about it because it brings real and widespread change to people living with and affected by cancer.

Join keynote speakers Dr Anna Singleton, Dr Larry Myers and Dr Kristi Milley as they present insights into their work in cancer research and the importance of consumer involvement throughout the entire research journey.

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12:00pm - 1:00pm,
Tuesday 8 August 2023



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